Collections and Archives


One of the IOF’s core missions is to increase knowledge about mural art and provide unrestricted access to it’s master pieces. In line with this mission, the IOF offers free license access online to the “European Wall and Ceiling Painting” and “World of Ornaments”, two of the world´s largest digitized collections of mural painting and ornamental design (45.000 digitalized images).



The “European Wall and Ceiling Painting” Archive

The archive “European Wall and Ceiling Painting” is not only one of the largest collections of European wall and ceiling Frescoes but also has an exceptional historical background. It derives from more than 60.000 photographic slides which were taken in the middle of WW II on the orders of Hitler, who was nervous at the damage being wrought by Allied bombers. Together with the German Central Institute for Art History in Munich the IOF offers a free online access to the unique collection.

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(Note: The archive  “European Wall and Ceiling Painting” is currently only available in German language. To see the English translation of the terms click here)


The “World of Ornaments” Archive


The archive of the world´s treasure of ornaments consists of over 5,000 digitalized motifs based on the 19th century chromo-lithographic encyclopaedias: Auguste Racinet’s  “L’Ornement polychrome Volumes I and II” and M. Dupont-Auberville’s “L’Ornement des Tissus”. Adapted from historical items dating back to antiquity, such as jewelry, tiles, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, textiles, and ceramics, these ornamental designs encompass a wide range of cultural aesthetics including classic Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Etruscan motifs, Asian and middle-Eastern patterns, as well as European designs. In cooperation with the renowned Art book publisher Taschen the IOF offers online access to this unique collection.

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